Thank you for considering Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute. We, as A Welcoming Community of Practical Learning, are committed to helping you acquire skills that will improve your employment opportunities and your future. Most of our programs take less than a year to complete and include Accounting Training, Health Care Training, Technical Training, and English as a Second Language (ESL). The Institute is accommodating to the needs of all of our students, but especially sensitive to the needs of adult learners who are looking to change career and update their capabilities in today's competitive economy. Zarem/Golde ORT has twenty years of successfully preparing students to achieve their career goals.

We serve our students and prospective students by:

• Advising about how to use our programs to the best advantage.
• Completing required documents.
• Guiding through the financial aid process to make attendance as affordable as possible.

How to Apply:

Admissions Criteria and Procedure

1. To apply for admission to Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute, applicants must be high school graduates, possess a GED or equivalent, and should have reached compulsory age. The compulsory age in Illinois is 17 years old and above.

2. The Admissions process includes a personal interview with an admissions representative and a tour of the Institute. You will be given a copy of the catalog and consumer information (including tuition and fees), and current schedule of program start dates.

3. Non-native speakers of English are given a placement test for English language skills. For admission into a technical program, non-native English speaking applicants must place into Level 5 of the Institute's ESL Program.

4. All applicants must submit a completed application, together with copies of high school transcripts or any previous academic work to the Admissions Office. An official letter of acceptance to the Institute is sent by the Admissions Representative.

Admissions Schedule

The Admissions Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Fridays. Late evening appointments may be arranged in advance by calling the school at (847) 324-5588. An Admissions Representative may be reached directly by calling the Institute. Our multilingual Admissions representatives are ready to assist people with limited English.

Entrance Testing Policy and Procedure

To be eligible to enroll in a Technical or Medical program students are required to take and pass the Institute’s entrance examination. The exam is free of charge and offered at the convenience of the student. Prospective technical and medical program students who are not native English speakers are also required to take the English placement exam and achieve a score of Level 5 or higher. Students who do not score at Level 5 or higher will be asked to attend ESL classes until they reach the required proficiency. Students entering the English as a Second Language program are required to take a placement exam. The exam is free of charge and is offered at the convenience of the prospective student. The prospective student will take the exam, proctored by a member of the staff, and the results will be used to determine in which level the student will be placed.