Career Services

Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute Career Services Department offers preparation for employment and assistance with job placement to our students and alumni as part of education to acquire marketable skills. Our training programs include employment preparation as part of the curriculum. Career Services teaches essential job-hunting competencies including resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and career planning. Career Services offers access to employment opportunities and provides one-on-one advising.

We believe that choosing a career is a developmental process with the opportunity for growth throughout life. Our professional staff guides students through the frustrations and complications of the present job market. The Institute is committed to making every reasonable effort to prepare students to secure employment, though cannot guarantee graduate job placement.

Our goal is to provide quality, affordable, hands-on technical, business and medical training. In addition, students are required to complete an Employment Preparation course, which gives them all the necessary tools to succeed in their job search process and securing employment. We give our students the skills that are essential to meet the demands of today’s very competitive job market.

Career Services offers assistance to students and alumni with employment services such as:

• Resume Writing
• Cover Letter Writing
• Employment Application
• Job Interview and Interview Tips
• Job Listings
• Job Search
• Follow Up With Employers
• Free Employment Preparation Workshops

Students and alumni contact Career Services at 847-324-5588

Irma Krasnopolskaya, Career Services Outreach Coordinator, ext. 27

La Norra Dennis, Career Services Advisor, ext. 30