Computerized Accounting Certificate

The Institute's Computerized Accounting Certificate is an intensive program designed to give students a basic knowledge of accounting. The program of study for the Computerized Accounting Certificate focuses primarily on teaching students the core requirements of accounting.

This program is recommended for both those individuals who want to brush up on their accounting skills and those individuals who wish to learn the basics of accounting in a short amount of time. The Computerized Accounting Certificate is a great preparation tool for those students wishing to further their education and obtain either an Associate and/or Bachelor Degree in Accounting.

Credits obtained by students while in the Computerized Accounting Certificate program may be transferable to two-year and/or four-year programs at other colleges and universities worldwide. In order to earn the Computerized Accounting Certificate at Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute, a student must complete 35 credits. The Institute's Computerized Accounting students are prepared for entry level computer support roles in business accounting settings and financial services industries.


Computerized Accounting

Length of Program:

40 weeks

Semester Credit Hours:


Clock Hours:


Admission Requirements:

Students must be high school graduates or the equivalent, obtain passing scores on the school's entrance examination including an English and Math competency exam. For those who are not able to demonstrate the required level of competency, we offer remedial courses in Math and English reading and composition. Prospective students will also be interviewed by the Admissions Department. Class size is limited to one student per computer. Average class size is 12 students but no more than 15.


More Information
Admissions Office
Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute
5440 Fargo Avenue
Skokie, Illinois
Phone: 847-324-5588

Course Requirements

Computerized Accounting (Core Classes)
35 Credits
CP100 Computer Essentials
4 Credits
OS101 Basic Keyboard and Typing
1 Credit
CP210 Spreadsheet Fundamentals
4 Credits
CP220 Advanced Spreadsheet
4 Credits
MT110 Business Math
3 Credits
AC111 Principles of Accounting I
4 Credits
AC112 Principles of Accounting II
4 Credits
AC260 Computer Applications for Accounting I
3 Credits
AC261 Computer Applications for Accounting II
3 Credits
CM101 Communication Skills & Cultural Studies
4 Credits
EP101 Employment Preparation
1 Credit


The students will:
• Use the personal computer to increase productivity in financial applications
• Use applications such as spreadsheets, accounting packages, and database management systems

Employment Opportunities

The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in the use of computers in business. Originally used in the service of accounting, computers are now used in every area of business. Today there is a demand for trained personnel who can apply their computer skills to accomplish essential business. In addition, there is a strong demand for trained computer accounting assistants by corporations and temporary service agencies. Graduates are qualified to secure jobs in industries such as banking, insurance and real estate as well as address the bookkeeping responsibilities in any company.

  • Bookkeeper

  • Accounting Clerk

  • Accounting Staff

  • Sales Associate

  • Medical Billing Clerk

  • Payroll Specialist

  • Cost Accountant