Student Services

Here, at Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute, we are devoted to providing the best student services with personalized attention to each and every student. In today’s struggling economy, we understand the need for funding education and we put our best effort into helping our students receive Financial Assistance.,

While attending the Institute, our students have access to the Learning Center, where they can receive additional support to enhance their skills. The Center is open seven days a week.

Our Career Services Department assists all students with essential job hunting skills: resume and cover letter writing, on-line job search and applications, necessary interviewing abilities and much more. Career Services offers job leads, personalized job advising and workshops for students and alumni.

Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute provides transportation assistance to students who are otherwise unable to get to and from school.

Our caring staff will do what they can to assist our students in achieving their goals through our Student Services programs.

Learning Center

The Institute's Learning Center supports our students' academic needs. Learning Center staff tutors students to provide additional help related to their studies to ensure students' continuous education and professional training at Zarem/Golde ORT Technical Institute.

The Learning Center is available seven days a week, during class hours, and is open to all students.


The Institute provides transportation assistance for those students who otherwise are unable to get to and from school. The van fee of $50 per month must be paid to the Business Office or ONLINE by the 15th day of each month.

Please contact our Admissions Office at 847-324-5588 if you need transportation assistance.