Student Testimonials

Mona M., ESL Level 7 Student

Why ORT?

Mona is a teacher from Egypt who came to the US in September of 2011. When asked why she came to ZG ORT, she said that even thought she had been learning English most of her life she needed to start her new life in America with what’s most important – better English skills.

Why was it important to learn English?

“I would like to get my Teacher's Certificate and knowing the language is the main thing, so I can pursue my career.”

What do you like the most about your experience at ZG ORT?

“People here are very involved in the students’ educational process. Zarem/Golde is has a family atmosphere, unlike other corporate places where I’m just another student. My teacher is very intelligent and I didn’t just learn language skills, but general knowledge of how to get day-to-day tasks done."

Natalya L., ESL Level 7 Student

Why did you want to come to our school?

"I wanted to study English. Living in this country, I want to be able to speak the language so I can do things, such as finding a job and feeling comfortable. It gives me self-confidence when I am able to communicate."

What do you like the most about the school?

“My teacher Bob is a wonderful teacher. He is the best teacher I have ever met through all of my schooling, and I studied a lot of things in different places.”

Malgorzata K., Medical Assistant Student

Why did you want to come to our school?

"I chose this school because a friend recommended it. I wanted to be in the medical field and this school had the program. I started as an ESL student and I will be graduating as a Medical Assistant student."

What do you like the most about the school?

“I like everything about the school; the atmosphere, great teachers, flexible schedules and they always try to find a solution if there is a problem. Eugene was my ESL teacher and he is a great teacher. He finds many different ways of teaching that are not boring, but are very interactive. Dr. Nick is very professional, strict, and very knowledgeable.”